Here's what satisfied customers are saying:

"We arrived here two years ago this week, and moved into this beautiful house
you built for us. After two years the house looks like the day you built it. No surprises and no issues whatever. Kathy and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the fine work and value you delivered for our hard earned money. We love this house !!!!"

Chris and Kathy
Nokomis, FL


"We can't believe it is already 9 years since we came to Venice to retire. You built us this problem-free house. It still looks like new. We really enjoy living here."

Mike & Stanya,
Venice, FL


"In 2002 you built a house for us which has now been our home for over 10 virtually trouble-free years, including a visit form hurricane Charlie."

Alan & Jeane
Rotonda, FL


"After being in our house for just over 10 years, my wife and I could not be happier. The quality of construction, the quality of the materials, and the overall beautiful appearance has just amazed us through the years. We hired you to build our dream retirement house, and you exceeded our greatest expectations. After 10 years we are in awe and the house still looks brand new."

K.O. and Ev
Englewood, FL